Application Procedure for International Students in Japan

What is the Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center's homestay program?
@The Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Centerfs homestay program offers an opportunity to stay with a typical Japanese family and to learn first hand about Japanese culture and life in Japan.   Those who do homestay are referred to as gguestsh and families welcoming the guests are referred to as ghost familiesh.

   The program allows:
Ÿ Guests to experience ordinary Japanese life.
Ÿ Guests to get to know the Nagoya area.
Ÿ Both host families and guests to deepen their understanding of each other's culture and customs and to be aware of the importance of respecting the differences and diversity between them.

   The program encourages the host families to help the guests to learn more about Japanese culture and customs through interacting with each other.   The guests are encouraged to communicate with the host families and to take time to introduce their culture and customs to the host families.
@ @
@This program is not designed for the following purposes:
l  for inexpensive accommodation
l  for rooming accommodation with half board
l  to expect special treatment as an invited guest
l  for commercial activities, missionary work, or promotional activities
l  to seek a guarantor
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When can foreign students do homestay?

  The Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center allows foreign students to do homestays for limited periods such as during spring and summer vacations, when they can participate in this program more easily.
   Currently the Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center is accepting applications for our special homestay program for international students, "Spring Homestay 2014." Students who are interested in doing homestays with voluntary Japanese families in and around Nagoya City during this spring holiday, click here for more information.

*Please note that students can only use this program during advertised limited periods.

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Who is eligible to use this program?
   Students who are eligible to use this program are to meet ALL of the following conditions.
1. At the time of application, applicants should be foreign citizens over the age of 18 that are enrolled in a Japanese university.
2. They are interested in Japanese culture and have a desire to communicate with host families.
3. At the time of application they have a valid student card issued by a Japanese
@ At the time of application applicants should have a valid student card; an expired student card and a letter of acceptance issued by a university are not acceptable.
@ @ @
@ If you apply with your friend(s), please remember the following:
œ Your friend(s) will not be able to stay with you at your host family's house.
œ It will not be possible for you and your friend(s)  to be located with host families live in the same area. 
œ You cannot request which area you want to stay.
œ Host families have no personal acquaintance with each other. During homestay you should spend time with your host family and not with your friend(s). It is also not appropriate to spend time with your friend(s) whilst in the company of your host family.