"Spring Homestay 2010"

Special homestay program for foreign students in Japan, "Spring Homestay 2010"

Any plans for next spring break?  Why don't you come and stay with a Japanese host family here in Nagoya and enjoy a wonderful cultural exchange experience in this spring holiday?    

The Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center is currently accepting applications for  "Spring Homestay 2010."

Click here, if you want to read instructions in Japanese with hiragana.

   Important Notes to clerks and teachers of universities/colleges (in Japanese)

1. What is the "Spring Homestay 2010" Program?

"Spring Homestay 2010" is a special program for foreign students enrolled in Japanese universities/junior colleges.   In this program, participants stay with Japanese host families as family members and spend time together for cultural exchanges.      

   The objective of this program is to let both participants and the host families deepen their understanding of each other's culture and customs, and to be aware of the importance of respecting differences and diversity.

   The program encourages the host families to help participants to learn more about Japanese culture and customs through interacting each other.  
Participants are also encouraged to communicate with the host families and to take time to introduce their culture and customs to the host families during the homestays. 

   All host families participating in this program are registered with the Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center as a voluntary host family, and live in and around Nagoya City. 


2. Who is eligible to apply for the "Spring Homestay 2010" Program?
 Those who meet ALL of the following eight conditions can apply for "Spring Homestay 2010" Program.   Check if you can meet all conditions.   
1. Are you currently enrolled in a Japanese university/junior college?
*Students of vocational schools or Japanese Language schools cannot be accepted.

2. Are you over the age of 18?
3. Do you have foreign (non-Japanese) citizenship?
4. Are you interested in Japanese culture and do you have a strong desire to communicate with a host family?
5. Are you able to make adequate preparations in order to introduce your country, culture and customs to your host family?


6. Are you able to spend the whole of the 2nd and 3rd days (Saturday & Sunday) with a host family?


Do you feel you can agree to the Contract of Agreement (Document C) in PDF file?
8. Can you apply through your university?   At the time of application and homestay, applicants should have a valid student card; an expired student card and a letter of acceptance issued by a university are not acceptable.
  *Your family members can apply if they have residence status (e.g. working visa, dependent visa) and if they also apply through your school with you.   Please be reminded that they might not be able to stay with you/your family because there are few host families who can accept two or more guests at a time.   See "If you apply with your friend(s)."
3. When and how much?
  There are two courses available.   Choose one you would like to join.


@ March 19 (Fri.)17:00 - March 22 (Mon.)* 9:00 4 days 3 nights

                         *March 22 is a national holiday.

5,000 yen

March 26 (Fri.) 17:00 - March 29 (Mon.) 9:00  4 days 3 nights 

5,000 yen

*Costs include an administrative fee (1,000 yen per person).   Participants pay their travel expenses.

*30 applications are available for each course.   When we receive more than 30 applications, we will make a selection on the basis of the documents submitted.

【Itinerary during Homestay】  

  Day  Course


Meals your host family will provide


17:00 - meet your host family at the Nagoya International Center and go home. supper
  2 - 3
@&A All day to spend with your host family.  Talk with your host family and decide what you will do with them on the weekend.
Take time to introduce your culture and customs to your host family.
  4 @&A 09:00 - arrive at your host family's nearest station and say goodbye to your host family. breakfast


* The objective of this homestay program is for the participants to stay and communicate with their host families, and not to provide inexpensive accommodation.   Applicants who cannot stay with their host families during homestay cannot be accepted.  
* You are required to introduce your culture and customs to your host family during the homestay.


* All personal expenses such as travel expenses, admission fees to attractions, meal expenses (when eating out), long distance and overseas telephone call are paid by the applicant.
* Host families are not volunteer sightseeing guides.   Your host family might not be able to take you to tourist attractions that you would like to go or to go sightseeing with you due to other commitments.
  There are more important notes to those who are interested in applying for this program.   Click here for the details.    
4. How do applicants apply?

Applicants must turn in required documents to the Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center by mail.   Applications must reach the Center no later than Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

  Click here for detailed information on applying and downloading application documents.

   Important Notes to clerks and teachers of universities/colleges (in Japanese)


What is the Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center?

The Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center's homestay program was launched in April, 2004 for the 2005 World Exposition.   It is run by the Nagoya International Center.   Over the last 5 years more than 7,500 foreign nationals have participated in this program; nearly one-sixth of them were foreign students enrolled at Japanese universities.