Homestay in Nagoya!

Who can do homestays?
   Overseas visitors to Nagoya falling under ALL of the following categories. People currently residing in Japan included.
1. People who have a genuine interest in Japanese culture and intending to communicate with host families during their stay.
2. People who are coming to Japan or staying in Japan legally with a valid passport and/or a status of residence.
3. People who have adequate contact information in Japan or overseas and can  apply through their organizations (place of work, study, etc.).

People who are admitted by the center.

Individual travelers and people who belong to commercial organizations or are active in missionary work are unable to apply.

Groups of students, high school students or younger, require special permission from the center.

The Center does not help guests obtain visas.
The followings are the dates/period the Center will be closed.   Participants are unable to start/end homestay.
  1. From December 29 to January 3 (new year holiday)
  2. Mondays (The Center is closed on every Monday.)
  3. The second Sundays of February and August ( for facility maintenance)
  4. The dates that host organization states as a holiday (Office hours depend on a host organization.)

Click here, if you are a foreign student enrolled in a Japanese university.

How much does it cost?
E The applying organization pays in advance the fee of 1,000 Yen to 3,000 Yen per person per day to the host organization.
E The fee depends on the host organization.

Some host organizations charge an additional administrative fee.

E The guests pay personal costs such as transportation, admission fees, leisure activity fees, and international telephone call charges.
E Usually breakfast and supper are served by host families.
The objective of this homestay program is not to offer inexpensive accommodation, but to actively exchange with a host family. The guests should be encouraged to communicate with host families.

How long can guests do a homestay?
From two-day and one-night periods to a one month period.

Where do guests stay?
With voluntary host families living in and around Nagoya City.

When is the application deadline?

   It usually takes time to search for host organizations which can accept applications.   At application, please inform us first of your homestay plan such as desired homestay duration, purpose, number of the guests, and the applying organizationfs profile at least 10 weeks prior to the first day of the desired homestay period (add one more week in new year holiday season).

   Usually within 2 or 3 weeks after the application, the center will let the applying organization know if the center has found a host organization which will accept them.

   After receiving the information about the host organization from the center, please mail the complete application documents to the host organization at least two months before the desired date of homestay.   The host organization will begin to arrange the homestay.

   Please be reminded that submission of an application does not guarantee homestay approval.