Service for foreigners


Nagoya International Center (NIC) 


Aichi International Association (Japanese only)


Clover-Assisted living information site for foreign residents in Japan


Living Guide of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)


Japan Helpline


Travel tips


Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau


Sightseeing Association Aichi

* A Tourist Guide of Aichi Prefecture

Japan National Tourist Organization

 Guide to Japan Money

 Guide to Japan  Telephone & Postal Services


Transportation in and around Nagoya


Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya

* Central Japan Railway Company
* Meitetsu 
* Kintetsu
* Aichi Kanjo Railway (Japanese only)

Linimo (Aichi Rapid Transit) (Japanese only)


Aonami Line (Japanese only)

* Guideway Bus (Japanese only)

Centrair (Central Japan Internaional Airport)


Nagoya Airport Terminal Building  


Nagoya Expressway (Japanese only)


Japan Road Traffic Information Center (Japanese only)


Sightseeing spots in and around Nagoya

* Aichi Arts Center
* Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori Kaikan (Tie-Dyeing Museum)
* Atsuta Jingu

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

* Midland Square
* Nagoya Castle
* Nagoya Noh Theater (Japanese only)
* Nagoya TV Tower

Noritake Garden (Japanese only)

* Orchid Gardens (Japanese only)
* Osu Kannon Temple
* Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Shirotori Garden (Japanese only)

* Tokugawa Art Museum
* TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
* Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum (in Seto-shi) (Japanese only)
* Inuyama Cormorant Fishing (in Inuyama-shi) (Japanese only)
* The Museum Meiji-Mura (in Inuyama-shi) (Japanese only)
* TOYOTA Automobile Museum (in Nagakute-cho)

Other useful sites


Hospitals and clinics where foreign languages are available
Aichi Medical Information System   

     Nagoya Medical Association - Emergency guide -

Aichi Goodwill Guides Network 

* City of Nagoya