Application Process

(Before applying for homestay)

   The contact person of the applying organization, who will be a group leader during homestay, notifies the center, at least 10 weeks prior to the first day of the desired homestay period (add one more week in new year holiday season), of the following:

(1)   desired homestay period
   purpose of homestay
   outline of the guests (how many guests, gender, age range)
   applying organization’s profile
   detailed schedule during homestay


Within 14 to 21 days of inquiring, the Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center notifies the applying organization about the application’s feasibility. If possible, the center informs the applying organization about the name of the host organization and the contact person.

3. Specific details about the homestay such as the time and place of meeting will be arranged and be fixed by the applying organization and the host organization.
(From applying to meeting the host families)
4. The applying organization submits the necessary documents for homestay to the host organization at least 2 months prior to the first day of the homestay period.
5. The host organization finds the host families and information about the guests is provided to them.
6. The applying organization gives notice to the host organization as to where their leader will stay and his/her contact information in Japan.

The applying organization pays the homestay fee to the host organization.

8. After confirming receipt of the homestay fee, the host organization provides the applying organization with the confirmation of homestay and information about the host families.
9. The applying organization contacts the host organization upon the guest's arrival in Nagoya or by the day prior to the commencement of the homestay.
(From meeting host families to the conclusion of the homestay)
10. The guests meet the host families at the designated time and place.
11. The homestay begins.
12. The homestay ends at the designated time and place.





Important reminders 1-9: PLEASE READ WITHOUT FAIL.
1 The objective of this homestay program is for the guests to communicate with host families. If there seems not to be sufficient time for guests to spend with their host families during the homestay, the application can not be approved.
2 Since it takes time to find host families, usually applications are required to be submitted 2 months prior to the first day of the desired homestay.   However, small groups which wish a short-term stay are exception to this rule.   Please contact the Center for more details. 
3 Homestays are accepted and arranged through the courtesy of the host organizations and host families participating in this program. The Nagoya Homestay Volunteer Center is unable to compel them to do the activities and if the requested homestay period is inconvenient for them, the application will be cancelled.
4 If there are changes to the application after the acceptance of the application by the center, such as the number of the guests or the homestay period, the application may be cancelled. Please only apply when these fundamental details have been firmly decided.
5 The host organizations search for host families based on the submitted details. Significant delays of the required documents might cause the cancellation of the homestay arrangement.
6 The guests’ preferences indicated in the application form can not always be fulfilled, however factors contributing to the guests’ allergies or chronic diseases are considered.
7 For a homestay to be successful the cooperation of the applying organization is needed.   In case of inadequate support or bad faith on the part of the organization, the host organization may cancel the arrangement.
8 In the case that there are more than 5 guests or the guests are high school students or younger, the applying organization should designate at least one person aged 20 or over as a group leader and accompany the guests. The group leader is required to stay at a hotel near the office of the host organization.
9 Fees should be paid by in advance the applying organization. The administrative fee is not refundable under any circumstances.



Required Documents (PDF files)

(1)Application Form for Homestay (Organization) (Download)

(2)Contract of Agreement (Organization)  2 pages (Download)

(3)Documentation about the organization

(4)Application Form for Homestay (Individual) (Download)

            * Please attach a facial photograph.

(5)Contract of Agreement (Individual)  2 pages(Download)

(6)A copy of the applicant's passport

(7)Travel Itinerary including homestay

*The paper size of Documents (1) (2) (4) (5) is 210mm × 290 mm.

*Contract of Agreement (both Organization and Individual) is 2 pages in total.   2 pages should be submitted.

*Foreign students enrolled in Japanese universities have a different application method. Please click here. 

 In order to view PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.   Those who do not have it can downloaded it free of charge.


Program Application Check Sheet (PDF file)
The check sheet is to confirm how to apply for this program.   Please download and check each box.   The paper size of  the documents is 210mm × 290 mm.

Program Application Check Sheet



Guidelines for Guests (PDF file)
Here are the guidelines for guests. Please download and read carefully before applying for homestay. The leader and/or contact person of the applying organization should give it to all guests before the homestay. The paper size of  the documents is 210mm × 290 mm.

"Things to Keep in Mind during Your Homestay"

      Japanese     English